The inspiration of my image galleries...

CORPORATE - My job is capture a corporate conference and/or retreat in its entirety, from all of the elaborate conference center exhibits and presentations, the break-out meetings and training sessions, the dinners and cocktail parties, the tour excursions and competitions, the family funtime, ending at the themed closing ceremonies.  I'm a fly-on-the-wall, building comfortable and trusting relationships with these professional men and women so they can look back on the experience with pride.

EXPECTING - There are many stages to the gift of life.  I look at the personality of a pregnant woman and/or couple and capture their essence, their excitement and expectation, and their beauty.  I can be there in the hospital or birthing center to document the birth and that immediate bonding, and follow a family in the first few years of caring for a newborn, infant and toddler.  These are lifelong memories to be passed on from generation to generation.  An artisic family tree in black & white film or color digital.  All babies are unique and I look to capture their soul through the lens.

FACES - I love shooting people of all ages, nationalities, cultures and economic status.  I shoot fashion and I shoot people on the street.  I shoot children and I shoot the elderly... and everyone inbetween.  I shoot portraits or document individuals in public who are completely unaware of my presence.  I shoot people everywhere in the world, from all walks of life.  Faces fascinate me because there's a story behind each one of them.

LAND & SEA - Every time I take a business trip or vacation with my family, my cameras follow me in tow.  I've been an outdoorsman since I was a child, growing up on the timeless rocky coast of Maine.  I'm always drawn to the ocean and lakes, a good sunset and magic hour, a sprawling countryside, or getting lost in the jungle or atop a mountain.  The world is so diverse in climate, culture, and history, and I always cherish the moment of seeing a place for the first time with no prior judgement or perspective.

MOOD - These are the images you can't quite put your finger on, the ones that are more mysterious and artistic in nature that can grace anyone's walls or table tops.  I try to analyze an environment and see the photograph within the photograph.  What lies beneath the surface?  What section or perspective is the most alluring?  How dramatic is the light and subject matter?  How subtle can I make it?  It can be anything you imagine that exists out there that can create a subjective mood.

MY MUSES - Everyone should have a muse.  I fortunately have three - my beautiful wife, Margarita, my precious girl, Siena Autumn, and my son, Brady Reid.  My children are Irish Twins, born exactly 51 weeks apart.  They inspire me to excel in my craft and are a primary focus of mine behind the camera.  Yes, they're spoiled to have a husband and father who loves to photograph them, but I look to do it differently each time in a new and fresh environment.  They are amazing subject matter, gracious and patient with me, and already used to the lens.  I adore you all.

NUPTIALS - I kind of fell into shooting weddings when my family and friends who were familiar with my work wanted my perspective on approaching the experience.  I give a couple the entire day, so I can be there from when the bride and groom are getting ready to when they disappear in the limo at the end of the night.  In addition to shooting digital, I shoot black and white film as well, to add a timeless element to the event.  I like to get right in there, be a part of the process and joy, instead of laying back which adds an extra layer of intimacy.  I'm also always searching for the beauty in the couple, their guests, their decor, and their setting.

URBAN - I've inhabited a big city my whole life, from Portland, ME, to Greenwich Village in downtown Manhattan, to West Hollywood, living off the Sunset Strip.  I've always been a part of the urban pulse.  I thrive on it.  There's so much to see and absorb evertime you walk out the door and take the next corner.  Some of my fondest days as a photographer are the ones when it's just me and my camera on the streets, enveloped by the buildings and extreme achitecture, witnessing the flow of auto and foot traffic.  Again, I look for what makes a city tick, how it's unique, and what pops.

THE WILD - I've never considered myself a wildlife photographer per se, who sets out to capture the many species that walk, crawl, swim or fly, so I look at this photographic collection as being at the right place at the right time.  A happy accident.  As I travel the globe, I not only see the people who inhabit it, but everything else in between.  I have to remain completely alert at all times not to miss them.  So many species live among us and I hope to document many more.